Thursday, January 1, 2009



Wow where exactly did 2008 disappear to?? The new year was welcomed with a few close friends, great antipasto nibbles and of course, a few wines. We waited up to see the fireworks on TV [note to self: I am so going to Sydney when Riley is a bit older to witness this IRL], said our good wishes and then headed for home and bed ~ we are starting to act our age or maybe that's just what happens as you get older!!

My resolution when it comes to New Years Resolutions is: "if I don't make 'em: I can't break 'em", so guess what ~ no new years resolutions for me!! I am however feeling really positive about this year. The future looks bright and a few things that were worrying me through 2008 have been solved. Riley is content and happy, and whilst he doesn't have a 'perfect' happy nuclear family, our situation is about as good as it gets under these circumstances, and for that I am ever grateful. And, talking of Riley, he is enjoying a short break in Perth with his Dad visiting that side of his family. Personally, I am finally in a place where I can just be me and that is not only accepted and okay, but expected. I also have an exciting overseas holiday to Vietnam, which I am very much looking forward to, in April.

Whilst thinking about all this positive stuff for the new year I read Ali Edwards blog and started thinking about her concept of one word to give a direction and focus to life in 2009. I haven't settled on a word as yet, but am considering the following:

declutter: (not a very fancy word) everything about life.

organise: although I don't think I have too much trouble with that one.

release: I need to learn to let go and accept that I can't control every aspect of life. I also need to
let go of things I can't change.

simplfy: everything in life, especially work. There were times in 2008 when I just felt completely
overwhelmed by work, which impacted on all other areas of my life, especially the desire
to create.

create: to spend less time procrastinating and thinking about creating and actually do it. That
includes limiting my computer time.

I will make a decision in the next day or two, but funnily enough after putting my thoughts down here, I am definitely leaning towards one option.

Anyhow, it's late. So here's to a Happy New Year, good health and happiness.



Love Scrappin' said...

Happy New Year Leanne..check out my blog I have something for you! X