Sunday, December 21, 2008

Done and Dusted.....................

for another year ~ the working year that is. Our Christmas break started on Friday and boy am I in need of this break. Healthwise, this is the worst year I can remember (nothing serious, but seemingly never ending illness) and I have finished the working year completely exhausted ~ this job definitely isn't getting easier the longer I do it!! I finally feel human again, and have answers regarding my health. It seems the constant infections I have been battling are thanks to my wisdom teeth that decided to make an appearance about eight months go and have been regularly going up and down! Have to 'bite the bullet' and have them removed next year, but when is the magic question ~ I am teaching two Year 12 classes next year and am escorting an excursion to Vietnam, so it looks like they will have to wait until fourth term.

On the scrapping front, I have completed my latest Love Scrappin' layouts. I couldn't believe how perfect these papers were for this photo of Kezia that I have been wanting to scrap
and then there are these three gorgeous girls: my neices

I have some good news, but can't tell just yet, so check back in a couple of days.