Wednesday, December 31, 2008

All Over for Another Year

How quickly it goes ~ Christmas that is! Months of planning and anticipation, then in 12 hours it's all over. We had a lovely day which unexpectedly started at 5.45am. Riley usually has to be woken, even on Xmas morning, but not this year. He was thrilled with his gifts: an ipod and docking station from us, Powerwing, Lego, Hot Wheels set and cars, Remote control bug, DVDS, socks, choccies etc from Santa plus all the bits and pieces from the family.
We returned to normal programing this year with Grandma & Grandad, my brother and his family and Riley's dad all gathering at our house for the gifts in the morning. We then went to Riley's dads' house to see what Santa left there as well.

A few hours break to assemble the pavlova and potato salad ~ my lunch contributions, and then it was off to my cousin Kristys house for a huge Christmas lunch which includes extended family from both sides. Home for a sleep and then off to my brothers house for Christmas tea and a few wimes (they live close enough to walk home!!).

Riley had the best day, with what seemed like a never ending supply of gifts, and cousins to play with. All in all a good day for everyone. Hope you all had a great day!!

Really feeling in the holiday mood now, so going to settle in and enjoy!!