Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Christmas Roundup................

Once again Christmas was full of love and joy, and 10 year old excitement. DS was beside himself leading up to Christmas. He knew he was getting a quad bike from us, but had no idea what Santa might leave, and I don't think he really cared ~ 2010 was all about the quad. I was a little mean and told him the delivery mans truck had broken down and the quad wouldn't be delivered until later on Xmas Day. To keep him away from the garage I told him it had been sprayed because there were white tail spiders in there ~ oh, the little lies we tell to keep the magic alive. Needless to say there was a fairly loud squeal of delight when I sent him over to the shed to let the dog out when he got up at 6.00am. Seems that gone are the days of waking him at 8.00am to open presents.
Anyway here's a little look at our day:

Wrapped and ready to go
The all important key ~ at the top of the tree!!


So, once again, it's over for another year