Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh Dear...............................

where has the time disappeared to??? This past month has been crazy, but I had no idea that it had been 4 weeks since I visited this little part of cyberspace. So. what has been happening??? 12 weeks ago we decided that enough was enough in this neighbourhood and it was time to move. A few manic weeks of preparing this house for sale and then it was on the market. The plan was to sit tight and sell this property before making any moves, but that didn't last very long. After a trip to the bank and investigating the cost of renting if we sold before buying it became apparent that the best option would be to buy regardless of if this property was sold. And of course with that decision made, the perfect property came up. After a week of drooling at it over the net and a trip to a nearby display village, we decided to take the plunge and have a look only to have our hopes dashed as there were already buyers on the property. After a few days of major disappointment we got back on the horse and started trawling the real estate sites again. A country drive one Sunday afternoon renewed our hope and the search was on again. Meanwhile the dream property was still on the net. A couple of weeks later there was still nothing that interested us, except the dream property, so off I went to the agent to find out what was going on. Thirty minutes later I was viewing the property and 2 hours later an offer was made. The offer was accepted a couple of days later and the the legal wheels began to turn.
Fast forward to today and this house looks like a disaster zone as I pack it ready for the pending move. Settlement is Wednesday and the official move is Friday. Needless to say we are all riding high on excitement here. I never dreamed that we would purchase a property that not only met ALL of our needs but seriously meets our wants as well, including a gorgeous dedicated studio room for me :-)
So, that's the last 12 weeks in a nutshell, scrapping has been minimal, but I do need to upload my June (how embarrassing) DT layouts for Scrap Pile and then get back to the packing.



Sue said...

So glad you got your dream house. I hope the moves goes smoothly and you are soon settled in.