Thursday, July 9, 2009

July Scrap the Boys.............................

challenge is up.I have been so tired and busy with work in recent weeks that I completely forgot to load the challenge and announce that I am remaining on the Scrap the Boys Design Team for another term.

July Challenge

“Real Men (or Boys) don’t…”
Whether you have heard the saying or not I would like you to take inspiration from the saying “real men don’t eat quiche” for this months layout.

Basically I would like you to create a layout capturing your boys doing things that may be the most masculine…so a little bit on the "girly" know maybe it is a secret thing for pink, them in some girly dress-ups, makeup, flowers in there hair… we all have those photos that you think “hmmm that will be a good one for their 21st birthday party…lol”
Anyway now is the time to drag them out and put them on paper…If you don’t have any photos maybe you could journal about it instead…document it before it is forgotten.
Criteria is to start your title with “real men (or boys) don’t….” (mind pink; look bad in heels…etc)
And my interpretation of the challenge:

I really wasn't sure just what photos I would use for this challenge, but when Riley started goofing off after a shower in my frilly shower cap I knew the perfect photos were about to be captured!!

Holidays start here in NSW tomorrow ~ WOOHOO!! Only 6 hours to go!! I am heading to Sydney to attend the NSW Teachers Federation Annual Conference at Darling Harbour for acouple of days and then it will be relax, relax, relax!! I have a lunch date, dinner and movie date and a massage booked ~ lots of me time activities and of course there will be some scrapping!!

So happy hols if you are in NSW and see you when I get back next week



Love Scrappin' said...

awesome layout Leanne..enjoy the holidays.