Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reports, reports, reports..........................

the one aspect of my job that I really dislike. For someone who always has something to say I find writing reports just plain tiresome!! They are easy for the good kids and the bad kids but those fence sitters sure are hard!! Anyway they are done again for this half of the year and I can forget about them for 6 months.

I was on a tighter timeframe than usual as I am heading to Sydney on Monday for a week on our Year 10 Careers excursion. I have escorted this trip 3 times in recent years and it is the best excursion I have ever been on ~ the kids develop and grow so much over this week when faced with the big smoke!! So this week for me means: Sydney, 7 x teachers, 120 x Year 10 kids, public transport and minimal sleep. Am I keen ~ hell yes!!

Off to finish some chores and do some scrappin