Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Mail..........................

in the form of an email. Over the last week I have been working on my GDT projects for Scrapware ~ 3 layouts and 2 OTP. Sent them off yesterday and this morning awoke to an email from Ange saying she loved my projects and asking if I could do the instructions for one of the OTP so she could release it as a kit at Paperific, Melbourne in October ~woohoo. Well there was no decision to be made ~ of course!! I had a few additional ideas for my original project and Ange is now working on those extras.

In a completely different direction, I am seriously considering relaunching my artist mohair bears. In a former life I made and sold collectable teddy bears nationally and internationallyfor about 10 years. I think the time has come to get reaquainted with my little critters. I am planning to launch under a new name and to keep it purely low key ~ stay tuned.

Anyhow off to do some scrapping, need to work on my new DT layouts.



Love Scrappin' said...

wow thats awesome news Leanne..can't wait to see these kits!!Well Done