Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'm Back.........

but it's still nearly been a week, but I have been busy!!

Journal your Christmas is well underway over at
with prompts everyday. I was hoping to get the prompts in early evening, and to be able to complete the LO that night but they have been coming through a bit too late, so generally working a day behind. Am really happy with my eforts so far and looking forward to next week when the craziness at work will slow down and I will be able to relax a little more. Although I will miss a few days over the weekend, so I guess I will be catching up next week afterall.

On craziness, an amazingly crazy weekend, if last year is any indicator, is looming. Tomorrow evening I am off to Melbourne on the annual shopping trip. Twenty-two women together on a shopping trip, say no more. I have a half empty suitcase and an empty carry-on packed ~ I vividly remeber the chaos at the airport on a return last year!!

Will try to post some Journal your Chrismas layouts later, otherwise I'll be back on Sunday.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


so much for being a good blogger ~ nearly 6 weeks since I visited. So a quick point form update of life:

The last Friday of the holidays we headed off for a day out in Sydney with the Gill family. A great time had by all. Highlights were: the Aquarium, riding the monorail (Rileys first time), Yum Cha for lunch, Dinosaurs at the Imax theatre, palying at Cockle Bay and afternoon tea at the Lindt shop. Not so good, Riley vomiting in the car whilst we were stopped in traffic on the freeway (unable to pull over for about 15 kms) on the way home.
Work has been crazy with reports, Project 10, Orientation for the incoming Year 7 ~ I'm their Year Adviser and finally Swim School this week. Only two more events to cater for and my working year is done.

The christmas tree is up and the decos are out. Only the outside lights to go up, but the weather is not favourable for that to happen today, so maybe tomorrow.

In my scrapping world I made it to the second last round of the Forever Always DT comp and have just submitted my projects for the final round of the Let's Scrap DT comp. And now for my motivation to keep this blog alive and get into the habit of posting regularly : I have signed up for the "Journal your Christmas" online class at I have gathered my supplies, cleaned up my scrap space and am just waiting for my album to arrive. I have decided to use a HS 9 x 9 spiral album. First of the daily prompts will be released later today.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Well, I'm Finally Here.................

At last I have made my debut into the land of blogging. Another 'must-do' crossed of the holiday list, funny that list still looks pretty long though, and only a couple of days left of this holiday.
So, what else have I been up to this holiday ~ a great cybercrop over at Scraptherapy last weekend. I only manged to complete 2 challenges:
Challenge #1
Challenge #3
The design team competition at ST is also drawing to a close. Really happy with the LOs and projects I submitted. Have made it to the final 5, so really happy with that. Currently have a few other 'irons in the fire' at the moment. Here are my contributions to the comp:

Round #1
Round #2
Round #3
I'm also taking part in a comp over at Let's Scrap. This was my round 1 LO. Round 2 is a lot more cahllenging with pps from a range that I would never choose. Anyway I've got those planned and the photos organised, just have to get them done.
This was my Round #1 LO
That's all for today